Because your brand is the face of your company, our top priority is the creation of unique and memorable solutions that differentiate you from your competition and set you apart in the eyes of your customers.


Because actions speak louder than words, we develop intuitively designed interactive user experiences that work perfectly in tandem with other aspects of our clients branding and marketing initiatives.


Because we live in a 3D world, we build experiential environments around your brand that allow your customers to fully immerse themselves in your brand from a tangible dimensional point of view.

making cool
stuff since ‘86

Founded in 1986 we’ve pretty much seen it all. The desktop Mac with the 20MB hard-drive they said we’d NEVER fill up is actually still on display in our studio! Furthermore, we’ve been around long enough to know firsthand the difference between a passing trend and timeless design. Just like any professional craft exceptional design is a skill honed over time and we’ve had plenty of time to practice!

We recognize that each client is unique with their own priorities, goals, and challenges to overcome. It is this commitment to custom tailored service excellence that has allowed Rally to survive the test of time for over 30 years…

Our Team

Photo of Stan Loewen

Stan Loewen

Grand Poobah

As his title implies he’s the big boss man. With a keen eye for design Stan has been at the helm of Rally since the beginning. His dedication to quality and precision is unrivalled which ensures a top quality in anything Rally touches.

Photo of Denise Baier

Denise Baier

Numbers Diva

Nobody knows Rally like Denise. She’s been with Rally almost as long as Stan! With a background in accounting she manages the day-to-day business and financial operations of Rally and is the first friendly face you see when you walk through our door.

Photo of James Almeida

James Almeida

Digital and Analog Master

He might be one of our youngest employees, but James has been at Rally for over 20 years. James is an exceptionally talented and diverse designer who can tackle any type of design application from Print to Interactive.

Photo of Darin Neufeld

Darin Neufeld

Pixel Pusher

With Rally for over 5 years, Darin’s 19 years as a Sr. Production Artist makes him an invaluable part of our process. He ensures that our designers ‘vision’ is carried out to perfection in the end product.

Photo of Jeff Sawyer

Jeff Sawyer

Project Manager / Puppet Master

Jeff is who we like to refer to internally as our ‘Puppet Master’. His ability to synchronize a range of movements within the Rally studio through the meticulous coordination of all our projects provides our creative team with valuable support. Jeff brings a pragmatic and balanced approach to his role working seamlessly with each department and in close tandem with Creative Director Stan Loewen, keeping projects on track, on budget and rolling along smoothly.