December 2019

a life changing investment

Thursday December 12th 2019

posted by James Almeida

Over the last year, Rally’s 2018 well contribution has helped bring fresh drinking water to the small village of Meta Atsella in Ethiopia. Not only has this positively impacted the village, but it’s changed the lives of the girls who used to walk 9 km daily to collect contaminated water for their families. With the addition of accessible clean drinking water, girls are now able to spend more time obtaining an education.

While accessible, clean drinking water shows some improvement to high school enrollment, this year, Rally wanted to take an Ethiopian girl’s opportunity to get an education even further. A startling 80% of girls in Ethiopian villages never make it past grade seven. While a number of factors impact this, one of the most significant is proximity to high schools. As most small villages do not contain a high school, the daily walk can be nearly 3 hours each way through dangerous, isolated terrain – a risky scenario many Ethiopian parents won’t allow their daughters to endure for an education.

This Christmas, Rally has once again partnered with Run For Water who have developed the Give a Girl a Goat program. Through this program, the top 4 girls in Ethiopian villages are carefully selected to participate. Their family is given a single goat and provided with training on the raising and breeding of goats as a sustainable source of income. Simply put, this goat becomes the girls bank account, allowing a family to pay for their daughter to attend high school and acquire a university education.

The growth of a single goat is exponential with the potential to grow into a herd of 100 goats in just 4 years. By selling 5 goats a year, families are able to:

• Cover all school essentials, including fees, textbooks, uniforms
and food
• Rent housing near the school, for the girls from the village to share
• Obtain a tutor

Within in 3 years, the income generated by the herd will be enough to fund sending the girl’s sister to school and create a better life for the entire family.

In tandem with the girls that Run for Water currently has enrolled in this life changing program, this Christmas Rally will help bring that number to close to 300. While the focus of this program is education, the long-term impacts go beyond this. Educated girls:

• Will get married later, resulting in fewer women dying during childbirth
and having fewer children overall. This shift results in a decrease in
poverty and a 50% decrease in child and infant mortality.
• Learn more about the importance of health, sanitization and
immunization through education.
• Become agents of change within their community. They’re far more
likely to start businesses, open health clinics, build infrastructure and
foster advocacy.


We couldn’t think of a better way to invest in human potential – empowering change and nurturing the future teachers, doctors, engineers and leaders of tomorrow, who will create a brighter future for their communities.

‘tis the season to count our blessings. Your continued support makes it possible for us to make a difference in a really big way. Merry Christmas from all of us at Rally Creative. We wish you the very best as you savour time with loved ones over the holidays.