January 2018

Imani Orphanage

Sunday January 28th 2018

posted by James Almeida

Our good friends, Kim and Geo, are founders of the Imani orphanage in Kenya, Africa. They take in children from the streets who have virtually no hope in life, and give them not only a caring home and food but education as well. We all take computers for granted; yet most of these children have never seen a computer. That’s why, as a Christmas gift we provided the Imani orphanage with a computer lab – complete with laptops, software, printers, desks and chairs, and a teacher.

We sent our clients and suppliers a faux laptop box as a unique way to announce the plan of creating the new computer lab for the 92 orphan children in Kenya.

See our direct mailer

The kids of Imani Orphanage received their computers and had their first lesson on Saturday January 20th. They had new desks made, repaired the floor and painted the room. They also had a celebration party once the lab was complete.

If you are inspired by what we built with Imani, and would like to make a further contribution, please visit imaniorphancare.com


What is Bravery in Advertising?

Thursday January 18th 2018

posted by James Almeida

The International ANDY Awards celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2014 and used the milestone as an opportunity to ask, “Why do certain creative leaders and marketers and their work continue to stand out amongst the rest?” We learned a lot, particularly that bravery has and always will remain timeless.